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Nanoparticle Formulation Experts

From mRNA and lipid reagents to LNP manufacturing systems, Helix Biotech has everything you need to complete your project

Nova Lipid Nanoparticle Manufacturing System
Nova Lipid nanoparticle manufacturing system.

Nova IJM

Unrivaled nanoparticle production with unmatched scalability

TWIST liposome extrusion kit
TWIST liposome extrusion system.


An all-inclusive modular liposome extrusion system

RNA Image for Wix (3).gif
RNA Image for Wix.jpg


A range of commonly used

RNAs, including eGFP, Fluc,

mCherry, EPO, Cas9, and Cre

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Lipid Image for Wix.jpg

Lipid Reagents

Supplies needed to explore the potential of lipid nanoparticle technology

Our Clients

Encapsulation Expertise


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