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Nova™ IJM System

Experience unparalleled scalability with the Nova™ Platform—a groundbreaking modular system for lipid nanoparticle (LNP) production that redefines ease and efficiency.

Ease & Reliability: Simply save your protocols and easily produce nanoparticles (0.2 mL to >100 mL) of similar size (50-150nm), PDI (<0.2), and encapsulation efficiency (>90%).

Modularity: Elevate your capabilities by seamlessly integrating in-line dilution or additional mixer modules as you need them. 

Reusability: No recurring chip costs. Enhance your research with sustainable, cost-effective solutions that streamline your workflow.

Scalability: Effortlessly increase production using the same mixing principles with the Nova™ Pilot High Throughput (HT) system. GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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Nova™ BT system with standard dual pump module and single-stage

impinged jet mixer (Nova™ IJM)

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Nova™ Benchtop

Helix Biotech’s Nova™ Benchtop (BT) System is designed for lipid nanoparticle R&D and pre-clinical development – screen and optimize nanoparticle formulations quickly and with a versatile and scalable platform.

The Nova™ BT is a flexible modular platform for lipid nanoparticle synthesis. Researchers can choose from a range of IJM mixers or utilize common and custom microfluidic chips while screening lipid compositions and optimizing RNA+LNP formulation process parameters affecting encapsulation, particle size and polydispersity, and stability.


Best For: Research and Development and lab-scale production.

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Mixing Technology Options:

- Helix Impinged Jet Mixers (IJMs)

  • Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

  • Stainless Steel

- Microfluidic chip compatible

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Formulation Optimization - Common Easily Tunable Parameters

  • TFR - Total Flow Rate

  • FRR - Flow Rate Ratio

  • Process Startup/End Wastes, Priming Volumes

The Nova™ Platform is a modular system which means that scaling up is as easy as adding modules (pump and/or mixer modules). Simply add a pump module and second mixing stage for in-line dilution or nanoparticle modification capabilities. For larger production capacity, blast through to the Nova Pilot High Throughput (HT) system.

In-Line Nova_edited.png

Software and Control

Custom User Interface

Monitor and control formulation

via PC or laptop.

Modules Components

Pumps: Dual Pump Modules

Single Pump Modules

Mixing Modules

Sample Collection Modules

Nova™ BT system with additional in-line dilution modules

Scaleup Studies: Moving from ≤0.2mL to ≥100mL

The default Nova™ BT platform including a dual pump module, single-stage mixer, and sample collector can be used to prepare samples as small as 100uL while also enabling scaleup to ≥ 100mL per run. The system provides a repeatable manufacturing process, allowing pooling of multiple batches to produce ≥ 1L of material. All Nova™ BT processes and mixing technologies are designed to facilitate seamless tech transfer and process scaleup with SuperNova™ High Throughput (HT) systems.

See the Nova in Action!

Nova™ Supplies

Ready to use formulated lipids, LNP kits, and RNA for use in Helix Biotech equipment.

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