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TWIST™ Mini Liposome Extrusion Kit

The TWIST™ Mini Liposome Extruder System is an all-inclusive modular liposome extrusion system. The intuitive design allows novice and expert users the ability to create liposome particles ranging from 50 nm to 10 um in diameter. With the heat block and extruder base, users have extended liposome creation capabilities and an easy, ergonomic set up. The TWIST™ System is the perfect solution for small scale R&D and liposome exploration projects.

Advanced liposome extruder technology: Enhancing the efficiency and scalability of liposome manufacturing
Innovative liposome extruder: Streamlining the manufacturing process for lipid-based nanoparticles
Cutting-edge liposome extruder: Engineered for consistent and reproducible liposome production
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The TWIST™ Mini Extruder Kit is a powerful replacement to the traditional liposomal extrusion set-up, reducing the training, preparation and clean-up time previously required.

 Technical Specifications

Kit Includes the Following:

  • TWIST™ Mini Liposome Extruder Pod, pack of 8 (pore size of choice)

  • TWIST™ Pod Cartridge 

  • TWIST™ Turnkey

  • TWIST™ Mini Liposome Extruder Base and Heat Block 

  • 20-pack of 1mL syringes

 TWIST Consumables & Accessories

Ready to use formulated lipids, LNP kits, and RNA for use in Helix Biotech equipment.

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