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Our Story

Helix Biotech helps bring cutting-edge medicines to the world through innovation and manufacturing excellence in pharmaceutical nanobiotechnology. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, the team at Helix
brings decades of experience in GMP manufacturing, formulation, engineering, and process design. 
Embryonic Stem Cells
Unique to the industry, Helix designs and builds commercially available and customized systems focused on quality and scalability of nanoparticle production and manufacturing. Our manufacturing capabilities combined with our CDMO services provide our customers with world-class service and quality products. Helix has a strong focus on keeping partners' costs at a minimum while maximizing efficiencies in reagent usage, encapsulation, quality control, and manufacturing processes. From early-stage R&D to clinical translation and commercial scaleup, the team at Helix Biotech are experts in delivering nanobiotechnology solutions.
Helix Biotech works with a wide range of emerging biotech and established pharmaceutical companies developing nucleic acid, small molecule, and protein therapeutics. Services range from coordination of complete projects to fulfilling a pivotal CDMO or development pipeline role.
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