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EZNano offers preformulated lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) to quickly assess nucleic acid cargo delivery, viability, and uptake.

Streamline your Delivery with EZNano

Visualize LNP Uptake and Localization

  • Evaluate delivery of eGFP, FLuc or mCherry mRNA for in vitro transfection.

  • Evaluate LNP uptake with conveniently labeled lipophilic dyes (e.g. DiR, DiI, and BODIPY)

  • Ask us for custom synthesis of your RNA cargo!

LNP Uptake.png

*LNP uptake data in collaboration with Cayman Chemicals

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Accelerate your Formulation Development

In Vitro Evaluation

Quickly screen LNP formulations for cellular uptake and viability.

Scale-up and Optimization

Leverage insights and our expertise to refine LNP formulations for larger studies

In Vivo Biodistribution

Understand the localization of your LNP-API complex


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