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Helix Biotech has secured relationships with key suppliers in the nanoparticle manufacturing supply chain. Our key suppliers share our vision of providing high quality products and services to enable the next generation of life changing therapies and discoveries.

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Explore the latest insights and knowledge from Helix in our collection of short articles and blog-type posts. Here, we share our expertise and thoughts on industry trends to keep you informed and inspired. Join us in the conversation, stay up-to-date, and enhance your understanding of the topics that matter most to us and our community.

Our Application Notes provide information about the use of Helix Biotech Inc. products, services and protocols. These notes include technical details about how to formulate and characterize lipid nanoparticles and their cargo using the Nova™ BT and other instruments, as well as practical tips for optimizing their formulation and reproducibility in specific conditions. 

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