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Discover our comprehensive lineup of lipid nanoparticle exploration kits and reagents, designed to empower your drug delivery research.

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Unlock the Potential of Lipid Nanoparticles

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LNP Exploration Kits

Our LNP Mix Kits come with detailed protocols and formulation guidelines to help you synthesize your own LNPs.

Leverage our pre-mixed in ethanol, high-quality lipids to save time and effort in developing novel LNP formulations.

Unleash the full potential of lipid nanoparticle technology and drive breakthroughs in your field of study.

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Versatile Lipid Offerings

Cationic & Ionizable Lipids

Our selection includes essential cationic and ionizable lipids like DOTAP, DLin-MC3-DMA, LP-01, SM-102, and ALC-0315, enabling you to create diverse LNP formulations.

Structural & Helper Lipids

Complementing the core lipids, we offer DSPC, Chol, and DOPE as structural and helper lipids to fine-tune the physicochemical properties of your LNPs.

PEGylated Lipids

Enhance the stability and delivery efficiency of your LNPs with our selection of PEG-based stabilizers, such as PEG-DMG and PEG-DSPE.

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