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Encapsulating the Future™

Nanoparticle Formulation Experts

Our Mission

Our success is directly linked to our customers' success. We focus on developing the best tools and solutions for our clients to encapsulate their discovery and deliver their payload effectively and efficiently. As a manufacturer and solutions provider, we give our clients a unique set of capabilities unmatched in the world of nanomedicine drug delivery.


From mRNA and lipid reagents to LNP manufacturing systems, Helix Biotech has everything you need to complete your project

Our Clients

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Developers

  • Formulators

  • Researchers

  • Contract Research Organizations

  • Nutraceutical Development

  • Cosmetic Formulation

Encapsulating Expertise

  • RNA & DNA

  • Oligonucleotides

  • Small Molecules

  • Antibodies

  • Peptides and Proteins

  • Vaccines

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