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Introducing the Nova™

The Nova™ Platform is a modular system that redefines nanoparticle production through the use of Impinged Jet Mixers (IJM).


Easily produce lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), liposomes, polymer NPs, PLGa, and more.

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Sustainable Solutions

Nova™ Platform is a cost-effective reusable system with no recurring costs for your research.



Easily add dilution or mixer modules to expand system functionality.

Ease and Reliability

Save protocols, make NPs (0.2 mL to >100 mL) of uniform size (50-150nm), PDI (<0.2), and high encapsulation efficiency (>90%).



Increase production capacity using the same proven mixing principles with the Nova™ Pilot High Throughput (HT) system.

Regulatory Compliant

Comprehensive data management, GMP ready and 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

Effortlessly Transition from Microfluidics to Impinged Jet Mixing

Nova™ Benchtop

Designed for Lipid Nanoparticle R&D and Pre-Clinical Development

Wide sample volume range: easily produce low sample volumes of 200 μL and >100 mL on a single instrument. Easily pool sample runs for larger volumes. 

Add modules as you go: streamline your nanoparticle work flow as needed. The Nova™ BT evolves with you.

In-Line Nova_edited.png

Nova™ BT system with additional in-line dilution modules

Software and PC Control

Custom User Interface

Monitor and control formulation

via PC or laptop.

Formulation Optimization - Common Easily Tunable Parameters

  • TFR - Total Flow Rate (0.1 to 100 mL/min)

  • FRR - Flow Rate Ratio

  • Process Startup/End Wastes, Priming Volumes

  • Mixer Size

Pink Bubbles

Seamless Scaleup with

Nova™ Pilot High Throughput (HT) system




Scale Up, Not Scale Out: The IJM approach allows for greater flow rates and thus LNP production. Reynolds number helps us predict the ideal flow rates for a desired production capacity.

Flexible Technology: Readily increase flow rates by changing the syringe pump modules with continuous pump modules, keeping the same mixing principles from small to large scale.

Optimize and Monitor: Utilize integrated sensors and real-time analytics within the Nova Pilot HT system to continuously monitor critical parameters such as pressure and flow rates. GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Increase production output with continuous pump modules


Continuous Pump


Size 5 Mixer has an ideal flow rate of 410 mL/min

Proven Performance in Vaccine Development


Data provided by

Dr. Debbie Burnett


Vaccines produced by the Nova™ can achieve immunogenicity profiles comparable to or better than those of leading commercial vaccines.


Visualize your cargo biodistribution with LNPs made by the Nova™




PBS Control - IV

Embryonic Stem Cells

See the Nova™ in Action!

A Brief Introduction to the Nova™ Benchtop

Nanoparticle production made easy

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Nova™ Supplies

Ready to use formulated lipids, LNP kits, and RNA for use in Helix Biotech equipment.

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