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mCherry mRNA (N1MePU) is a red fluorescent protein RNA that is widely used as a reporter in gene expression studies. It produces bright, long-lasting fluorescence, making it a reliable tool for your experiments.


WARNING: This product is not for human or veterinary use.

mCherry mRNA (N1MePU)

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  • This RNA encodes mCherry, a protein that can produce a red fluorescent signal when expressed in cells. This makes it a useful tool for studying drug delivery, gene expression, protein localization, and other biological processes.

    mCherry is a fluorescent RNA molecule that can be used for live-cell imaging and gene expression studies. It is derived from the mCherry protein, which is a widely used tool in molecular biology for labeling and tracking cells and proteins.

    Scientists can use this tool to study how genes are regulated in response to different stimuli or conditions, such as disease or environmental changes. The RNA molecule can be delivered into cells using various transfection methods and can be visualized using fluorescence microscopy. By introducing the RNA that encodes for mCherry into cells or animals, they can track the expression and activity of specific genes or proteins over time. This information can help researchers better understand how biological processes work and identify potential targets for drug development.

    Our mCherry RNA product is designed to provide researchers with a high-quality and reliable source of this critical tool for their experiments.

    • Base Composition: N1-methyl-pseudouridine
    • Purity: Passes agarose gel mobility
    • Concentration: 1 mg/mL
    • Formulation: 1mM Sodium Citrate, pH 6.4
    • Storage: ≤ -40°C
    • Shipping Method: Dry ice
  • Live-cell imaging of gene expression

    • mCherry RNA can be used to visualize and image transcription and expression in live cells. This technique is useful for studying drug delivery uptake and potency, particularly when sample auto–fluorescence interferes with commonly used “green” reporters.

    Screening and optimization with flow cytometry

    • Flow based analytical methods provide quantitative data for drug delivery system evaluation and optimization.

    Screening of gene editing and CRISPR-Cas9 systems

    • mCherry RNA can also be used to screen for successful gene editing events mediated by CRISPR-Cas9 or other gene editing systems. By co-transfecting mCherry RNA with the gene editing machinery (i.e. Cas9 RNA) and monitoring the appearance of fluorescent cells, you can easily identify cells that have undergone gene editing and select them for further analysis.
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