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  • Michael Nguyen

What is Impinged Jet Mixing (IJM)?

Updated: Apr 23

Impinged jet mixing is a process used extensively in various industries for rapid and effective mixing of fluids. It involves the collision of two or more fluid streams. The streams are directed towards each other from opposite directions and collide at an impingement point, creating intense turbulence and shear forces. This method is particularly effective for achieving thorough and homogeneous mixing within a very short time frame.

Application in Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Production

In the context of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) production, impinged jet mixing plays a critical role. LNPs are tiny carriers used primarily for delivering therapeutic molecules such as RNA, DNA, or other drugs. Here's how impinged jet mixing benefits LNP production:

  1. Rapid Nanoparticle Formation: The high-speed collision of lipid-containing and aqueous streams in impinged jet mixing allows for the rapid formation of LNPs. This speed is crucial in processes where the stability of the payload (e.g., mRNA) might be compromised by prolonged exposure to unfavorable conditions.

  2. Consistent Particle Size: Due to the intense and uniform shear forces generated by the impinged jets, the resulting LNPs are typically very uniform in size. This uniformity is essential for clinical applications, as it ensures consistent behavior and efficacy of the drug delivery system.

  3. Scalability: Impinged jet mixing can be scaled to meet large production demands without sacrificing the quality or uniformity of the LNPs. This scalability makes it suitable for large-scale pharmaceutical applications, including vaccine production.

  4. Efficient Encapsulation: The vigorous mixing ensures that the therapeutic molecules are efficiently encapsulated within the lipid bilayers of the LNPs, enhancing the stability and bioavailability of the drugs.

  5. Customization: By adjusting parameters such as the angle, velocity, and volume of the jets, the characteristics of the LNPs, such as size, charge, and composition, can be finely tuned to meet specific requirements.

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